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She needs prayer more than ever

My cousin, who was diagnosed with breast cancer that later spread to her brain, has been in and out of the hospital (twice every month) since last year. She’s been complaining of severe headaches and bleeding. And each time her parents and husband would take her to the hospital, she would remind them of the things they need to do when her time comes. It pains me to know the sad truth about her condition, but remains hopeful that she would still get better. We had a long chat over the phone (a week before her last hospitalization) and it was good to hear how she confronts her sickness with positive attitude. Never did I hear anything negative from her. She said it is through prayers that keeps her alive up to this day. Friends, please include my cousin in your prayers. Let’s all pray for a miracle healing.

Praying for God’s healing

I’m writing this with a heavy heart. My mother just informed me about the worsening condition of my cousin Cez whose story I wrote here. According to Nanay, my cousin’s breast cancer has spread to her brain. It deeply saddens me that after all the medical intervention to treat her breast cancer in 2010, cancer cells were¬† not really abated but have spread to her brain. She has yet to undergo another set of chemotherapy for this.

Cez and I grew up like real sisters. She’s my first cousin from my mother’s side of the family. We attended the same school and have several common friends. Although we argue on a lot of things when we were younger, I still look up to her as an older sister because I guess she’s wiser and practical than I am.

I don’t know if I can put on a brave face when I see her, but knowing myself I would surely cry.

I may not ease her pain, but I can say a prayer for her healing. If anyone reads this post, may I also request you to offer a prayer for my cousin. Please include her in your prayer…thank you…