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Looking for printing press and promotional items

Two of my husband’s acquaintances are in need of print shop to make promotional brochures for their upcoming campaign probably late this month or early next. One of those in search for cheap printing shop handles the real estate marketing program of their office and needs a compelling brochure content for their target market.

Hubby could have accepted the printing job, it’s an additional income for their company, but their machine at the office is not properly working. Worried that accepting the printing job might cause a delay to the scheduled promotional campaign of his friends, he referred them to his contact who owns a printing press. If I knew hubby’s friend, I can tell them to check out AmsterdamPrinting.com for their promotional needs besides sending out brochures to potential clients.

Exhibit attendees would love to receive useful items like personalized pencils, pen, and keychain or tote bag.

On Attending Blog Events, Promotional Items and Camera

When was the last time you attended a blog event or product launching? I was able to attend a blog event last year and I must say I had fun learning new things and meeting bloggers (mostly mommies) in person. After that, I wrote something about the event and post some pictures (not my own, too bad). I have to grab pictures from fellow bloggers (with proper credits of course) because I forgot my camera and cellphone before I went to the venue. 🙁

Some bloggers are really good at taking pictures. For example, photobloggers can make images of promotional pen, promotional water bottles and even products for notetaking appear larger than their actual size because they use sophisticated cameras. And they applied various techniques of shooting still life. I guess that’s how they create vivid photographs. I ‘m sure well-taken photographs somehow help boost the company image.

I wonder if I can become a good photographer like them? 🙂 I would really love to cover social events the only problem that prevents me from doing so is my schedule as a working and full time mom. And I still have to acquire one of those lovely cameras my blogger friends are using. Until then, I have to contend myself with looking at beautiful photographs of other bloggers.;-)