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The Best Clothing Site for Public Safety Professionals

When it comes to designing work clothing, Blauer has dedicated nearly 80 years listening to the feedback from firemen and emergency responders who put their lives on the line everyday; selling a wide selection of durable, versatile, attractive gear from top quality fabrics to men and women of all sizes worldwide.

We understand that firemen often face hazardous situations in all types of weather, that will put extra wear and tear on their clothing over time. Fireman t-shirts designed by Blauer are breathable-allowing them to be worn underneath layers of protective gear without being bulky, restrictive or hot. Since firemen play a very important role in the public safety sector, their T shirts are not only designed with several technical details, but also look very professional. This not only reflects a positive image of their station and squad team, but also gains the respect of many within their communities.

We are just as consistent with our design of EMT uniform pants to ensure that paramedics and other first responders are protected while working on their shift. Using premium fabrics along with the latest technology, we are proud to introduce work pants that come with several essential additions-setting them apart from traditional uniform pants.

Because EMT and first responders frequently come into contact with biohazardous fluids, such as blood or toxic chemicals, our EMT pants are specifically treated with a fabric finish that prevents liquids from making contact with the rescue worker’s skin. The pants’ material is made from a cotton blend that is durable enough to resist rips or tears, and comes with optional removable knee patches for protection and comfort. The side pockets on the pants are made from a reflective fabric for EMT workers who respond to emergency calls at night; and now feature thigh let outs for those who need a little more extra room, as well as a hidden compartment found within the right pocket.

The pants are permanently creased and have a comfortable, stretchable waistband to keep shirts snugly in place. Our line of T shirts and pants manufactured for all emergency rescue workers are designed under stringent guidelines and specifications. Due to their durability and comfortable fit, many in the public safety sector only buy their work clothing at Blauer.com!

Life Saving Equipment

Whether fighting raging flames within someone’s burning home, or performing CPR on the side of a busy highway, there are certain traits that are important. Visibility is important in order to quickly locate your team mates. Protection from the elements is important because it enables optimum performance. Protection from flames is important because of the obvious safety benefits. A great quality fire uniform or dependable ems jackets from Bauer provide all of these protective qualities.

The ID Jacket is an excellent example of Blauer’s commitment to providing the quality protection needed in a chaotic, and potentially hostile environment. Being water resistant and windproof, it provides insulation from the distracting elements of nature. One can focus on reading a faint pulse, instead of combating the heavy freezing weight of a drenched jacket, on that cold day that one knows very well.

Getting to the life saving tools of one’s trade is eased with well placed openings and pockets. For ease of identification and recognition, custom lettering can be provided. Raglan style sleeves provide additional protection from the elements. It is designed to help the professional save lives.

The B Drive reversible rain jacket is easily identifiable because of one sides yellow color. It is both waterproof and windproof. Its seams are sealed with thermal tape ensuring the body’s temperature remains as consistent as possible. It is certified to the specifications of the ANSI 107 2010 document.

The Fleece Pullover with Polartec provides a state of the art solution to the biting cut of the wind. It is four times as wind resistant as normal fleece. This jacket will provide a stable environment in many hostile environmental settings. It has a drop shoulder design for quick, unrestricted life extending movement. One can add epaulets, or a badge, or name tab.

The Reversible Fleece Pullover is a multipurpose system. It also is certified to the 107 2010 class 2 specification. It has elastic cuffs and a bottom hem to maintain a stable temperature. A zippered chest pocket design with well placed openings also allow quick access to tools.

When one has to do important things one needs reliability. As one relies on partners for tasks to be performed well in a life or death situation, one also relies on equipment to perform as well. Bauer products perform well.

Only the Finest for The Finest

For more than 75 years, the Blauer company has been one of the “go to” places for outfitting many firefighters, police, and emergency medical service professionals. What keeps Blauer going strong? It’s their ability to deliver products based on the ever changing needs of public service workers. That equates to high quality material, designed for durability, comfort, mobility, and withstanding the forces of nature.

Why Blauer Stands Out

Blauer offers a line of amazing police clothing and equipment that protects these men and women, from head to toe. Climate changes, from the hottest of days to the coldest of nights, are not a major challenge as you’ll find suitable inner and outer ware. This company manufactures its brand called Armorskin, a ballistic vest cover system. It proudly displays a new way of wearing concealed body armor, integrated in the uniform. Lightweight, breathable, and stretchable, it’s designed to reduce heat, reduce lower back and hip pain, has standard uniform appearance, and provides a comfortableness for long term, mandatory wear. This is some serious protection!
Firefighters and EMS workers will also find gear that makes their operations and functions highly protective, as they maneuver through the dangers of the job. With more than just fire safety in mind, chemical and biological threats are real global issues. HAZMAT and SWAT members are outfitted in gear for maximum durability and mobility that meets international standards as well. Safety equipment, such as vest, hats, and rainwear, is great ANSI certified for the greatest visibility, even in extreme conditions such as at night, in smoke, fog, snow, and heavy rain.
In addition to durable, comfort and high quality, other characteristics of the clothing line include fashionable, but authoritative. Whether your taste is in 100 percent cotton or polyester, polo or button front shirts, multi pocket pants, solids or color-block, you’ll find it at a local Blauer dealer or their online ordering process, including a discount outlet store. Even the most budget minded person will come away feeling totally satisfied with their purchases.

To Serve and Protect
Blauer has built a reputation as the one stop shop, for public service professionals, to feel safe and protected, and look their best, each day on the job. It seems their early vision was simply to provide only the finest, for the Finest.