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Biking for Fun and Exercise

I miss biking whenever I see friends on Facebook who enjoy cycling for recreation. It’s been decades since I learned to ride a bike, and it’s not even my own. When I was younger, I would go to the park with friends to rent bikes and spend hours enjoying the cool breeze.

As posted on the seller’s FB page.

Last week, my daughter and I purchased our first bikes. The bikes are surplus items from Japan.

The sturdy-looking bikes are foldable and can be taken comfortably to parks.

As posted on the seller’s FB page.

My daughter and I are determined to learn to use it (sadly, with 30 years of not riding a bike, I have to relearn to balance).

We are looking forward to more time for practice and eventually enjoy biking in the neighborhood.

We want to try Direct TV

My kids have been requesting us to have a cable connection at home. They missed a lot of US TV shows like Hannah Montana and Glee which are shown locally through cable subscription. They were able to watch some episodes while visiting our relative who owns a cable TV. If we are to subscribe to a cable company, we want to make sure that it has over 150 digital channels including, of course, our favorite local channels. I don’t want to miss the rerun of “Boys Over Flowers”. *wink* I heard from blogger friends that direct tv is giving this kind of package for $55.99 per month. Who would not grab such an offer knowing the good reviews made about Direct TV Service?

Compare the benefits of Direct TV with your cable or dish network

We inquire about direct tv further and discover that their clients have access to 130 plus channels including my favorite HBO in overwhelming HD (high definition). I will have the chance to watch the movies that I’ve missed on cinemas. Hubby is already excited about having our own Direct TV Satellite System because he will have access to several sports channels such as ESPN GamesPlanTM, ESPN FULL COURT, NBA League PassTM, and MLS DirectKickTM. I can see from where I’m writing this post that he is grinning from ear to ear as I told him about this amazing offer from direct tv. Hubby is practically glued on our TV screen whenever NBA games are shown. But since basketball games are sometimes scheduled for airing by our local channel here, he missed a lot of games from his favorite NBA team. That’s too disappointing for him. Patience dear, owning a DirectTV Satellite will be our next project this year once we have all our bigger obligations settled. For now, we have to work and work some more in order to achieve what we want for our family. 🙂