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Benefits of Wine

Red wine has been proven by experts to have various health benefits that people can get when they consume wine moderately. If you are wondering what a moderate consumption is, it is composed of about an 8 ounce glass a day or two 4 ounce glasses a day which you can take with your meals or when you just like to relax a bit.

Some Health Benefits

Based on different gathered studies and the experiments done by experts, the benefits that you can get from drinking wine that you have gotten from Jim’s Cellars are the following:

  • Wine Reduces Risk of Acquiring Type II Diabetes – Moderate wine drinkers have a 30% less chance of acquiring type II Diabetes as compared to non wine drinkers.
  • Wine Reduces Chances of Getting a Heart Attack – People with high blood pressure can start drinking wine because moderate drinking can lower the chance of getting a heart attack by about 30%.
  • Wine Lowers the Risk of Getting Any Type of Heart Disease – A lot of people get heart diseases because their heart is not healthy. This is due to people’s diet and also their lifestyle. Reduce the risk of getting this by making sure that you drink wine moderately. Wine contains procyanidins acquired from the tannins. Procyanindins are known to reduce the risk of heart disease.

From all these information, you can really tell that wine has a lot of health benefits that you cannot ignore. Aside from the things mentioned above, wine can do a lot more. Moderate drinking of wine can be good for your health.

The best red wine

If you’re a wine lover you know where to get the best brand. Some say the ones from Spain tastes better than the wines from other place. I really have no idea which one’s taste good because I only drink red wine once in a while.

My husband started to drink a moderate amount of red wine after he was diagnosed with high level of cholesterol. Red wine is not a cure, but according to his doctor, it helps raise the amount of good cholesterol in the body.

If you haven’t tried drinking red wine yet and you’ll be drinking for the first time, be sure to take moderate amount for you don’t want to end up looking for los angeles detox rehab for excessive drinking, right? Remember the adage ‘everything in moderation, nothing to excess’.