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My daughter is wondering why her teacher is mispronouncing the letter S. For example, instead of s for small, the teacher would utter is-mol or is-teady for steady. Isn’t it confusing to students? Good thing about this lady teacher is that it doesn’t affect her teaching style despite the little problem with pronunciation.


We’re in a review mode beginning today until tomorrow. Kids are barred from getting anywhere near the computer for two days. lol.

If I had more time…

This comes in handy for difficult Math terminology and formula.

I’m cramming again. I only have a couple of days left to review my youngster for their monthly exams scheduled on Thursday and Friday. I admit I haven’t really allotted more time to help my son with his lessons. My youngest needs me now that he has difficulty coping up with Math subject. I’m no Math expert, but at least I can help him with some simple Math operation. Difficult lessons are usually assigned to my husband to explain to our kids. Anyway, I’m just sharing this to let my online buddies know that I may not be able to visit them this coming week. I hope to schedule some entries in advance (that is if I have more time). Have a safe and productive week everyone. (^_^)/

Reference materials: my news clippings from 2000 to 2007