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Photohunt # 5 : BOOKS

This week’s Photohunt theme (Books) gives me the opportunity to feature some of my kids’ book collections. Their love for books amuses me.

Khalil’s collections: The Magic Mirror; The Adventure of Tom Sawyer; Hardy Boys (1)The Ghost at Skeleton Rock, (2)Murder at the Mall; Jack Stalwart; Magic Tree House #10 & 27; Room For One More.

Naomi’s book picks: Nancy Drew (1) Dress Rehearsal, (2)The Secret of the Wooden Lady; Witch Graphic Novel; Roald Dahl’s Matilda; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader; How I Survived Middle School; The Princess of Bamarre; Callie For President; Disney Fairies Silvermist and the Lady Bug Curse; Alice the Brave; Witch (100 Bewitching Ways to Survive at School); Witch (100 Bewitching Ways to Make Lots of Friends); Black Beauty; Ann M. Martin’s Main Street Welcome to Camden Falls, American Girl Meet Kaya (not in photo).

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