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Our anniversary gifts

The love of my life finally got his orders. We don’t have much in our virtual bank, but the purchases made were worth it. They arrived just in time. The rubber shoes was actually my anniversary gift for him for our 14th wedding anniversary this year. For his part, he bought me a cellphone to replace my dysfunctional unit. We picked up the cellphone last week at one of the LBC outlets. Hubby got his order at the Manila Post Office early last month. He’s actually using the new cellphone because his unit is not working with Globe lines… If not for our little savings (thanks to opportunities) we couldn’t have bought our anniversary gifts using our Paypal account.

images were taken from the online shop

Waiting for his rubber shoes to arrive

Hubby can’t sleep or eat (a little exaggerated lol) waiting for his new shoes to arrive. It was his first purchase on line using our PayPal savings. He saw this Hi-Tec Karoo Lace up Hiking Boots and was dead-set on buying it right away. It cost him $103 including the shipping fee. It might be costly but he is investing on shoes. He doesn’t buy inexpensive shoes that easily damaged after one year. Most of his rubber shoes were purchased four to five years ago and still in good condition. He said if he will be lucky playing in one of the US online casinos, he would buy three pairs of sturdy rubber shoes. He knows he can no longer buy expensive footwear on cash basis. Now, he’s thanking me for (blogging) saving our PayPal money.