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Simple Kimchi Fried Rice

Looks very appetizing right? Kimchi fried rice. No fancy ingredients there. Just a mixture of leftovers from our first Samgyupsal experience at home.

This is so easy to prepare.

Saute garlic and onion in a little amount of oil. Add leftover kimchi. Saute for a few minutes before adding pre-cooked rice. Slowly add in other ingredients: Odeng or fish cake, grilled woosamgyupsal. Mixed well. Let it cook for 10 minutes. Top with spring onion before turning off the heat. So easy right?

I was able to save our regular budget for breakfast because of this meal made from leftover ingredients. And it’s like we’ve extended our samgyupsal experience as well. Nutritious pa because its complete with veggies, meat and carbohydrates.

Happy cooking, ’til next recipe!

Samgyupsal at Home

We were excited to try the Samgyupsal set my DD purchased last month so she ordered a few ingredients from Romantic Baboy. The set includes woosamgyupsal, samgyupsal raw meat, extra sides odeng and kimchi. I’ve only added onion rings for side dish.

This set is good for four persons. We were able to consume the food for lunch and dinner. The remaining ingredients were used to prepare breakfast the following day. Sulit talaga!
Grilling woosamgyupsal is a breeze because the meat is so tender.
Caramelizing onion rings.
Grilled woosamgyupsal and samgyupsak meat. The best when paired with kimchi. Odeng is also tasty.