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Happy birthday Sofia Ananta!

Sati, my inaanak, the popular kid of Marce Pehpot, just turned one year old today (Nov. 8). The birthday celebration was held in advance last Saturday at Jollibee Roosevelt in San Juan. Invited guests and blogger friends came in with their kids wearing Tinkerbell, Peter Pan and Pirate-inspired costumes. My kids made it to Sati’s special day, too. Too bad they don’t have any picture with Sati. We also missed many of Sati’s Ninangs who were not present during the occasion. Hope to see you guys soon.

Happy birthday, Sati! 
May God continue to bless you, sweet child. 

Sweet Sati is here

This little angel here is no less than the much-awaited baby of Marce Pehpot. Her proud Mom and Dad named her Sofia Ananta Pineda or Sati for short. Peh gave birth last Sunday at 12:30 PM. Five and a half  hours later the OC mom is already blogging about Sati’s arrival. Can you beat that? hehe. Blogging friends and godmothers could not contain their excitement over Sati’s birth. Mommy Peh for sure will share more details about her baby and her experiences as a new mom four times over.