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Of scholarship and financial assistance

Hubby and I are thankful that our kids have been awarded a scholarship and financial aid this year. You may have read my usual concern every enrolment: money. We have difficulty raising funds for enrolment, but this year, we have these scholarship and financial assistance to fall back on. First, my daughter was granted an academic scholarship which entitles her a 50 percent discount off her tuition. The scholarship also covers free school uniform (3 sets) and one set of P.E. uniform. For my son, he received P20,000 financial aid from DepEd (which goes straight to the school). This covers two- school year. We only paid for books when we enrolled him yesterday. To keep these scholarships, the kids have to maintain good grades all throughout the school year; otherwise, we have to pay their tuition in full. For now, hubby and I are beginning to save for other important expenses that our incoming college student will have.