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Beautiful need not be painful

I had my fixed bridge (fixed partial denture) done in the mid-1990s and the experience, well it’s not worthwhile. The procedure was quite painful despite the administration of anesthesia. My only consolation was it turned out well. Had the dental procedure performed two years ago, the experience would have been a lot better probably less or without pain. How I wish there was a San Diego sedation dentist in the old days.

Ever wonder what a sedation dentist can do for you? Well I made a little research and I found out that sedation dentist places patients in a relaxing state like they feel sleepy while undergoing a dental procedure. I think this is the best technique ever created to help kids and adult patients who dread visiting the dentist for a certain dental service.

Sedation dentistry is one of the popular services (under comfort and technology) being offered by the New Image Dental found at newimagedentalcare.com while patients undergo the state-of-the-art technology in beautifying their teeth such as veneers and implants; invisalign; and cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

The dental care company is manned by pool of dental experts who had advanced training from prestigious dental institutions in the United States specializing in leading edge technology to create amazing smile makeovers. I’ve seen testimonies of people whose lives have dramatically changed after a dental makeover.

Personally, my fixed bridge has given me a lot of self-confidence when I had it several years ago. If I have the money right now, I would avail the same services offered at the New Dental Image, especially now that a sedation dentist will help me feel comfortable while undergoing similar dental procedure again.