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How to take your best ‘selfie’ shot

Taking a selfie shot is probably easy when you talk about it, but doing the actual thing can be really tricky if you are to get it right. What this means is that you can get any self-portrait and it would look cool to you, but if you want something professional, you would have to go with a few tips which will be highlighted on this write up:

  • Be relaxed about the shot, do not be nervous. The essence of this is to ensure your shot comes out looking great.
  • Make sure you are conscious about your background, so that you do not end up with a great shot but an unpleasant background.
  • Look for a really cool place to take the shot; somewhere comfortable; so you can either lean on something or stand straight comfortably. And don’t forget to check out some cool getup from http://www.junonia.com/ to look great in your selfie shot.