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10 Summer Shopping Musts

Going somewhere this summer? Before you packed your bag with stuff make sure that you have the following essentials handy. If your are on a tight budget, you can always look for similar items from thrift shops. No need to splurge on branded items ladies!

1. Cool sunglasses


Image credit: Anankkml – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

2. A new top to go with jeans

tank top purple

I found a similar item on ebay.com

3. A bag to hold everything

canvass bag


4. A sexy dress you can pack up



5. A tee that goes with anything

simple white shirt


6. Shorts that aren’t cutoffs



7. A pretty sundress



8. A straw hat for shade

straw hat

Image credit: Kongsky – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

9. A swimsuit that flatters


Image credit: David Castillo Dominici – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

10. A lightweight shirt

lightweight shirt


If you are heading to the beach make sure to bring sunscreen to protect your skin from the scorching heat of the sun. Enjoy the summer and be safe always!

Shirts from UK

Hubby and I had a chance to buy several shirts at a thrift store (UK, acronym for ukay-ukay) last week. I had fun choosing colorful shirts in cotton fabric. It’s rare that we visit a thrift store but last week we were able to find this newly opened bundle of shirts at an ukay store. The good ones are still intact so I had a feast day choosing the ones I like. I was able to grab six shirts and three more for my daughter for only P540.00 or more than $1 for each shirt. My shirts are one size smaller now (from extra-large to large). They are not new from plus sized at Sydneys Closet, but they are still in good condition.

Virtual shopping

I purchased these shirts and blouses from an online store last month. I was supposed to buy a birthday gift for hubby, but shopped for the whole family instead. I spent a total of $40 for all these items. I’m just thankful that an angel friend shared her blessings to us through her contact DAs. I wish there will be more generous advertisers to come our way. I don’t mind promoting gateway computers links on my site as long as they help potential clients get the latest gadget in town at affordable price.