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Anything soft

I’m thinking of rewarding myself and my kids with a little something after I received my earnings from my writing stints last month. It’s not a big amount though but enough to make my kids happy. And you know what makes them happy? Yes, toys! I think they will never outgrow playing with stuff toys to while the hours away from playing computer games or doing their assignments. My son even goes to sleep cuddling the toys he got for Christmas.

My kids also love to have a pet dog, but since we can’t afford to have one at this time, I’m thinking of giving them an equally loveable and huggable jellycat pup. They can carry it whenever and wherever they want without having to worry about stinky poop lol. Oh, I fell in love with the site’s collection of stuff toys. They look so very delicate and I’m confident the materials used in the stuff toy won’t trigger my son’s asthma. This will surely be a hit to my kids once they see them online.

I might also get my kids some appaman tees. They look so very comfortable to wear because the fabric is made of cotton material. I prefer cotton shirts as active wear for my kids because they are comfortable and the fabric doesn’t cling to the skin when they sweat.

Of course, there will be something for me and hubby. I’ve been looking for this at the department store but nothing comes close to the quality. I’m talking about barefoot dreams bamboochick throw. Hubby and I love to watch movie and since its cold these days, these throws are just perfect to keep us warm while spending time together. How sweet.

The next item on my shopping list will be this Barefoot Dreams Women’s BambooChic Hoodie that I fancy. I’m sure it’ll look good on me. Wanna bet? 😀