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Tips On Shopping With Children


You can hardly believe the horrible dream you had last night about your hubby going to a dna center for paternity test information, so when you wake up, you tell yourself that you’re going to give yourself a breather by going shopping that day. And then you realize that it’s just you and the toddler at home, so you’ll have to bring little junior along if you want to go ahead and shop to your heart’s content. Shopping with kids is never easy, so here are some tips to help you along:

Get one of your girl friends to go shopping with you, so she can help look after the kid as you try out a cute dress inside the fitting room.

Use a sturdy full-size stroller so your little one has enough room to move about. Plus, you’ll have more space where you can stash your purchases.

Take your toddler to one of those play areas inside the mall. He’ll be sufficiently entertained as you stop to take a break from shopping.

Timing is everything. When you’re shopping with children, don’t go during mall-wide sales. He might be stressed out by all the people and noise. Besides, it will be difficult to weave a stroller through the crowd.

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