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Our shopping habits then and now


Both hubby and I love to buy branded clothes when were still single. He bought jeans from Levi’s and Guess while I go for Esprit and Benetton for my shirts, blouse, shoes and bags. Nothing comes between me and my love for branded clothes and accessory. I also love the smell and the feel of branded clothes and shoes. I also shop for my only sister and mother whenever I received my bonus.

But when we got married, hubby and I learn how to save, not just for ourselves but for our young family. We started to look for cheaper alternative for the things that we used to buy be it clothes, shoes, and bags. We lessen our expenses for dining out and watching movies. Instead of going to the movie house on weekends, we have a movie marathon at home. Thanks to the clear copy of DVD movies he purchased in Tandang Sora.

We may be exercising thriftiness but we spared our little kids on special occasions like Christmas and their birthdays. We buy discounted clothes at Baby Guess and Bayo.

Our love for branded products never really change over the years. I admit we still shop for branded clothes. No, not at the costly Levi’s or Benetton shop, but at Ukay-ukay or thrift store in Manggahan Market. ^_^