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Finding Your Color Season

It’s time to go shopping and you’ve decided to make sure that you are going to choose the most flattering clothes during this shopping spree. The kids are going to be with their dad, exploring the latest video game or sports betting sites for a bit of fun and excitement, so you’ll have plenty of time to choose just the right outfits. It’s a good idea to determine which colors look best on you before hitting the mall. Finding the right color season can dramatically change your look and even how you feel!

First, consider your skin’s undertone. Without makeup, hold a piece of white paper next to your face. If possible, do this in natural light. Undertones are as follows:

  • Blue is cool=Winter
  • Yellow is warm=Spring
  • Clear undertones with more of a translucent tone=Summer
  • Muted undertones are softer=Autumn

Next, examine your eye pattern. Because you’ll be looking at your eyes a little differently, you may discover something new. Each season has a different eye pattern. Using a bright light, determine your eye pattern by looking at your irises.

  • Spoke pattern=Winter
  • Round sunburst=Spring
  • Cracked glass=Summer
  • Aztec sun with spots or swirls=Autumn

Other factors to take into consideration are both your hair and eye colors.

  • Black, dark brown, no highlights with brown, blue or hazel eyes=Winter
  • Golden brown, blond, red with blue, blue-gray or green eyes=Spring
  • Ash blond or ash brown with no highlight with blue, brown, green or hazel eyes=Summer
  • Golden, red or auburn with dark brown, hazel or green eyes=Autumn

And here are the colors that are best suited for each season:

  • Winter-Black, navy blue and red
  • Spring-Peach, coral, aqua and ivory
  • Summer-Powder blue, pink and pastels
  • Autumn-Beige, orange and brown

Now, go enjoy your shopping spree, confident that you can find clothes to compliment your appearance. Happy shopping!