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Saving up for her kids

Remember my post about my sister who works in Macau? She will be celebrating her first year in the former Portuguese colony soon. How time flies. It was only last year when we were discussing about the possibility of her working abroad. She said she needs to work overseas to support her four children. I was hesitant at first because our mother is too old to take care of her grandchildren. Anyway, my sister finally landed a good-paying job in Macau and now she’s already sending two older kids to school. My sister said her job in Macau is not permanent so she has to look for prospective employer just in case unexpected things arise. She is spending her money wisely and save a portion of her salary including the tips given to her by generous clients. She said she hopes another client of hers will win a USA online casino just like the foreign guy who handed her a $1,000 HK as tip early this year. The gentleman won a considerable amount while playing casino game at the Wynn Hotel. The guy is generous to share his blessings to my sister and her co-workers.

Blessings at work

Blessings keep pouring in for my sister since she got her present job. She is thankful that some of their clients at the spa clinic in Macau are generous enough to give them tip for the treatment. Just before she came home, she shared that one of their regular clients handed out $1,000 HK as tip after the therapy. It turned out that the guy won a considerable amount while playing casino game at the Wynn Hotel. It was not the first time that their generous client won in a casino game. I wonder if he is as lucky playing Online casinos.

Anyway, my sister is doing great in her job. She is fortunate to have such understanding bosses and co-workers there. She is working so hard to support her four young children on her own. Stay strong for your children, sis. We’ll be here for you no matter what.