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You are inspirational: Your Daily Word

There are so many inspirational sites (and bloggers too) that I’ve seen while blog hopping. Some site owners became my regular reader and commenter. Some I’m keeping as friends. Some I have lost contact with, but remain my loyal follower. Regular or occasional, friend or acquaintance, they deserved to be acknowledged. There are 64 of them now and still growing. Thanks for showing interest in my blog. You know who you are.


This week at You Are Inspirational, I’m featuring Your Daily Word (Verses and Reflections for everyday life), maintained by Mike Sumondong. He is not a personal friend of mine and not a regular visitor of late. Hello Mike. But I got so inspired in visiting his site because he welcomes fellow bloggers’ prayers request. He pray for them and even requests his church mates to pray and intercede. To make his mission (propagate word of God) effective, he uses popular social network like Tweeter.

Keep up the good work, Mike. And Chris of Inspirational Insights, thanks for this encouraging tag.

Mike describes himself as a part-time blogger, part-time engineer, part-time call center TL but a full-time minister of the Lord.