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One month later…

I’m still busy with my new job…I think the changes in our schedule at home prevented the kids from enjoying their vacation. They literally spend the whole summer at home. We haven’t gone anywhere except the supermarket or convenience store near our place…I’m really busy that I can’t cook our meal, clean the house and wash our clothes…I even missed important family occasions, including my own mother’s birthday (I’m sure Nanay understands). I missed a few blogging opportunities too and the recent meet up with blogger friends.

The children are back to school but I haven’t covered their textbooks yet…I couldn’t spend a few hours to cover their books. 🙁 Good thing, my kids are smart enough to understand our predicament. We try to make them realize that what we are doing is for their own benefit. All of us really need to be patient with the current set-up for after a couple of weeks we hope to have our normal lives (schedule) back.

I missed blogging and blog hopping too (if you may ask). If ever you read new posts here, it’s just to keep my blog from ending up an orphan. 🙁

…I’m looking forward to June 27, which is our deadline for the project, finally.