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Mommy Moments – Message of Love

I have yet to receive a Valentine card or note from my kids. I wish to share these sweet thoughts which I posted in one of our Mommy Moment’s themes. They gave me these letters on different occasions. I’m re-posting these letters here.

 From my daughter
 From my son


Sweet note  from my one and only

I’ve been telling my kids how much I love them although there were times I was too hard on them especially when they failed to do their assignments or projects on time or when they refused to help mommy when I requested for assistance around the house.

I love you kids with all my heart and soul. Nothing comes close to the happiness and warmth that I feel when you are around.

For hubby, I’ve already said this in my other blog, but I will repeat it over and over like a music to your ear…that I love you and life would be different without you. ♥♥♥

This is my entry for Mommy Moments.  mommy moments

Sweet thoughts from my kids

My hands are full. I can’t even cook a decent meal because of my busy schedule since last week. I’m just a lucky gal I have my best bud and hubby around to help me out with my workload at home. He’s a sweetheart. I’m having my coffee break here while posting my Mommy Moments entry today. After this I’m back to my ‘work mode’ again. To my online friends, forgive me for not visiting your site as often as I should. I hope everything (that includes joining memes again) will go back to normal after my ‘assignment’.

Anyway, I got two letters from my daughter and son; one is written on Mother’s Day and the other one on my birthday. Every letter or card they wrote for me or their Dad was filled with sweet thoughts and somehow reflects the kind of person we are nurturing in them… These little mementos are precious gifts for me.

From Naomi

From Khalil

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