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No public pool swimming for now

My son wants to go swimming this summer. We are also excited about the idea. However, we are wary about the health risks of swimming in public pool. We know that most people are using public or commercial swimming pools this summer. Although pools are maintained by using pentair pool pump to replenish water supply and chlorine to disinfect the water, those may not be enough measures to keep the pool clean all the time. So, if we can’t help it we would just stay at home for the rest of the summer.

Summer fun activities for the whole family

Here are some activities that you and your kids will surely love to do this summer. I’m sure top on your list is swimming! Splash!
Swimming at Water Fun, Fairview, Quezon City
School fieldtrip in Laguna
Water Fun, QC

Field trip in Laguna
Manila Zoo visit.
Amusement Park. Storyland SM Fairview.
Museo Pambata, Manila. One of our favorite activities is going to museum. We hope to visit one this vacation.
There are a lot of other activities that you and your children will enjoy doing together. If you are on a tight budget these days, you can go swimming sans crowded pool area with your kids using inflatable pool. Or you can devise craft or needlework activities, drawing, painting and a lot more! Just think of the benefits worthwhile activities can do to your curious little ones.
Be safe and have fun!

Looking forward to exciting summer activities

I’ve asked my kids what they want to do this summer. And these are their answers.

I want to learn more about art and stuff

Khalil wants to try outdoor activities this summer. Definitely it’s anything but sports. I remember enrolling him to Taekwondo classes three summers ago, but quit before he could even learn the basic steps. Sayang binayad namin. Swimming lessons are quite expensive so we might just plan to go swimming this summer. And Daddy will be his mentor. 🙂

Naomi, on the hand, is interested to attend art classes and writing activities in UP. I have yet to inquire from the university. If Khalil will be interested to join his sister, we might enrol him to the same class for younger students.

We intend to make this summer memorable for our kids. They are growing up fast so we need more bonding time with them. We are planning to go nature tripping. The nearest place where we can go to is La Mesa Dam Ecopark, which is only a few kilometres away from our place. We can do so many activities there such as hiking, biking and swimming for a limited fee. Sounds exciting right?

We can’t wait for school to end this month. We are looking forward to a great summer vacation without hurting our pockets lol.

How about you? What are your plans with your family this summer? I want to hear from you.