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Summer Fun!

You’re all excited for a planned trip with friends or family members. But before you leave home make sure that you bring all that you need before you dip in the pristine water of your favorite beach. Bring waterproof sunscreen, extra clothes, and drinking water.

Image courtesy of Yongkiet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sunscreen is important because staying under the sun for a long period of time predisposes a person to sunburn, heat exhaustion and stroke. You don’t want to have wrinkly skin worst suffer from premature aging, do you? Unless you want to be like some celebrities who allegedly undergo invasive means to retain their youthful look.

On another note, if you are bringing kids to the beach, don’t allow them to swim without the company of adult. And drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.

No public pool swimming for now

My son wants to go swimming this summer. We are also excited about the idea. However, we are wary about the health risks of swimming in public pool. We know that most people are using public or commercial swimming pools this summer. Although pools are maintained by using pentair pool pump to replenish water supply and chlorine to disinfect the water, those may not be enough measures to keep the pool clean all the time. So, if we can’t help it we would just stay at home for the rest of the summer.

La Union Memoir

Bacnotan, La Union, Summer of 1990.

For the first time in my college life, I was allowed to spend a week-vacation in the company of my female best friend E. She invited me to visit her parents and siblings whom she had not seen in years. It was a happy reunion between E and her family. The family members are innately quite people, but very accommodating so I easily get along with them.

My friend and I spend our free time hiking and swimming with her cousins. They taught me some basic climbing technique, but I guess I wasn’t able to apply them properly because of exhaustion. We went swimming in one of the rocky beaches in Bacnotan. It was probably one of the “undiscovered” beaches during those times. The water was pristine, but the rocks were deadly. One missed step and you’ll surely sustain cuts on your feet. Good thing i have thick calluses on my heels. 😀

I really missed Bacnotan and I’ll probably visit the place when my best friend would invite me over again…Sadly, I haven’t seen E in two decades now.