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Swing set for relaxation

We have a small place at home, but I’ve always dreamed of having our own swing set for my kids, nieces and nephews. For us adults, it can also serve as place to relax where we can just sit there contemplating or while reading a paperback. It’s also economical to spend time outdoors than stay inside the house during these hot summer days. All I have to do is sit on the swing and let the fresh air cool me down.

I wish to order my first swing set at kidscreation.com where they sell custom swing sets that you can design and accessorize all you want. The company boasts of helping consumers save thousands of money for a set of swing that is directly ordered from the manufacturer to the consumers’ doorstep. This is great!

The wooden swing sets they produce used the best material available including 100 percent Con Heart Redwood, which is the highest grade wood that adds to the visual appeal to the swing set. It is also splinter free and decay resistant, which allows them to avoid using treatment common among swing set that is now causing serious medical problem.

Kidscreation swing set is also made of heavy duty slides safe for small user but sturdy for mom and dad. They also made rounded end and corners. The steps are flat and the swing beam made of heavy duty material that can carry 250 pounds per swing.

When you order a set now, you are assured of a 30-day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty just in case something untoward happens. All their products come with a complete instructional manual and swing set safety guide also found on their site.

Wouldn’t it be nice and fun to have you own swing set at home?