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My online friends remember

I would like to thank a number of mommies for the tags they sent me last month. I’m only posting them now. I’m also thankful for the effort made by Clarissa for nominating me in the recently concludedTop 10 EIB Writing Contest (10th week).I appreciate it so much, Clang!

Jes and Onlinemommy both tagged me for the Adorable Blog award and the Uplifting Blogger award.

So now I would like to share them to all my blogging friends. You’re all free to grab these widgets anytime. Big thanks to Jes and Onlinemommy!

I’m also thanking sister U. Pink and Rache for sharing the Lovely Blog and Best Blog award to me, respectively. I’ve previously made a separate post about these tags, but I still appreciate your thoughtfulness girls.