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We are growing a Mango tree

I wrote about this young mango tree that my brother in law planted to replace a decade-old mango tree which was cut down over a year ago.

See how big it has grown…

Talisay sapling.

We are growing a new Talisay plant. The sapling in my previous post was eaten by one playful puppy named Oreo.

We hope to nurture these plants to adulthood.

Doing our share

to plant more trees. Although we are guilty of cutting down an old Mango tree due to the following reasons I cite in my previous post, we were able to raise another Mango tree and grow Talisay saplings beside our house.

Here are the shots of our young Mango tree:

Taken last May 2009
Taken last week
Our Talisay sapling planted by hubby:
A full grown Talisay tree looks like the picture below. Source:  Internet