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Terrible headache

I had a terrible headache the other day. We went out around noon using our motorbike to buy cooked food for lunch. We are wearing caps, but we still feel the scorching heat on our skin. So when we got home, I feel the pounding pain inside my head.

I lay down on the sofa after lunch. I placed a wet towel on my forehead trying to relieve the pain. I even took pain reliever medicine, but to no avail… I had several pending assignments to write including a review about casino games. But I just can’t stand sitting with my head throbbing. It would be easier to write about online casino slots if I don’t feel this way. Good thing there are list of casino games online that could teach casino players tricks on how to win casino online.

I’m afraid that I might suffer a terrible headache again if the weather condition does not improve. The temperature here falls between 34 to more than 36 Celsius being the highest. A little rain will help lessen the sweltering heat.

Our online project will tentatively begin next week so I can’t afford to nurse another headache. I think I should start stocking up on pain reliever, just in case.