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Thanks everyone for keeping me company in 2010! Happy New Year to all!


Happy New Year, everyone!

As the turn of another year let’s thank the Good Lord for showering us with blessings how big or small they may be. Let’s be thankful as well for the problems that we have solved and surpassed with flying colors in 2010. These trials have made us stronger one way or another.

I may not be attending mass or read the Scriptures regularly, but I pray from the heart. And I know that God, my God, continues to keep and protect and blessed everyone in my family and those close to my heart.

For the year 2011, I will only pray the same prayer for everyone, including my online and offline friends, and my family – that we will all have Peace, Good health and Success.

My prayer includes the working and stay at home moms like me – who earn from online projects, let’s pray for more assignments this year. I heard from one popular company that they will be giving out more assignments this year. This means that we will have our hands full in the coming days. And we are thankful for that. I am thankful.

God Bless, everyone! Be safe. Protect yourself from fireworks and firecracker injuries tonight. 
Let’s welcome the New Year with a PRAYER