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Makeup Tips for the Belle of the Ball

When it comes to Prom, teenage girls are normally more excited than teenage boys. This is due to the fact that it gives teenage girls the chance to act and look more mature. It is also their chance to feel beautiful and special.

While there are things to remember when choosing the best gown, teenage girls should not forget about their hair and makeup. There are some makeups that are more suitable for the age of teenage girls. However, the makeup should also coincide with the style and the color of the gown. Can you imagine wearing red lipstick with your overly puffy gown? It would not be a pretty sight.

Here are some makeup tips that you have to remember (as easy as reading a job description software) to ensure that you will look your best during the event:

  • Keep your makeup light. Now is your chance to look pretty but you should not achieve to look like someone else. Keeping your makeup light will enhance your features but will still make you look like you.
  • If you decide to play up one feature of your face, focus on just one. If you would decide to play up your eyes, keep your lips simple. If you would like to go bold with red lips, you can just keep your eye makeup simple.
  • Too much blush can be bad. Try to just put the right amount of blush on your cheeks.
  • Find the right foundation color. One of the most embarrassing things that can happen is seeing your neck looking two shades darker than your face.

With the right gown and the perfect hair and makeup, you do not even have to win prom queen in order to get noticed. Just are you and you will surely shine?