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Comments that warm the heart

I seldom receive comments from my blog post, so when I did, it really made my heart skip with gladness (it’s like hearing the melodious sound of autoharps) and gratitude for those who make time to read and comment. I’m specially talking about the daughter of Tiya Dely (Dely Magpayo). She was thankful for the kind remarks I wrote about her mom. I actually wrote the article several years ago for a daily publication. When I started this blog, I intend to include Tiya Dely’s story as one of the articles worth remembering the grand dame of Philippine radio by. Didi, Tiya Dely’s daughter even invited me to listen to the radio program every Sunday which they dedicate to her mom.

Tiya Dely Magpayo

“Love your work and your work will take care of you.”

I won’t forget that line uttered by no less than the grand dame of Philippine radio – Fidela “Tiya Dely” Magpayo – during a personal interview with her 10 years ago.

We’ve only talked for an hour, but it’s like talking with her forever. She was full of life and very endearing. I have learned so many things from her in such a short time. She shared a lot about her love for what she does as radio counselor and commitment to help other people.

When asked where she gets the motivation to help, Tiya Dely says, “Common sense and more on Filipino values.” For several decades she imparts realistic solution to the problems presented by avid letter senders.

She gives them a piece of advice and letter senders take her every word for it. I guess Tiya Dely can deal with any problem as technical as securing rv insurance when a letter sender would ask for help.

Tiya Dely is no longer around, but she will continue to live in the hearts of so many radio listeners whose lives she has touched for many years…

Tiya Dely Magpayo

It was a privileged to meet in person the grand dame of Philippine radio, Tiya Dely Magpayo, in 2001. Below is the story of that interview. 

Tiya Dely is gone but she will continue to live in the hearts of so many people whose lives she has touched one way or another…

I requested for her signature. We also have a picture together but I can’t find it anymore. Tiya Dely, thank you for sharing your life with me. The interview lasted for a couple of hours (or less), but I’ve learned so many things from you…