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Why can’t I be in so many places at one time?

To travel to many historical landmarks and awe-inspiring destination in my country is one dream I wish to accomplish before I get old. When I was assigned to cover the health beat, there were occasional official travels where reporters are allowed to join the health secretary. I happened to join then Secretary Hilario Ramiro with other scribes in Cagayan De Oro and North Cotabato. Unfortunately, I never got to enjoy the places as we were most of the time following the health chief wherever he goes for interview/photo opportunity.

It’s a good thing I found this site Tourism Paradise that provides updated travel information, advice and tips.

And just love this phrase found on their site that reads reliable travel info “about the good, the bad and the indifferent, the hidden places and the tourist traps, where to find value and how to avoid being ripped off.”

Too good to be true? Check out their site for further info.

What’s more interesting is that the site encourages travelers who loves to write and have strong writing skills to contribute or share their unforgettable experiences of their trip.

Meantime, I wish to clarify that I was not paid by any advertiser to write about the site and of the entry (Barrio Siete) prior to this one. I wrote about them because I believe in what the sites are promoting.