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Gear that gets you through hard times

If you are looking for something to wear that is tough and durable when you need to survive in the jungle, you need to check out EDC gear(s) from tacticaldistributors.com. Normal clothing and footwear that you can purchase from regular stores will not be able to endure the torture, which they will face when you are tracking on rough roads. However, the best advantage that you will get from Every Day Carry Gear is the comfort that comes from wearing these gears. Not only are they comfortable, they also provide you with safety that is crucial to keep you alive in a harsh environment.

Click on their website and see what type of gear you will need to get when you are planning a camping trip. The best place that you can find these specially made EDC items is this website. The main difference in getting gear like this will be your mind set. Now, normal people will only think about either comfort, or style. Most people will not think about the safety aspect of their backpacks or clothes, when they are spending money purchasing them.

If you are someone that likes the military, these gears will not only look cool to wear, they will also give you a feel of what it is like to wear them if you are not enlisted. The best thing about them is the fact, that if you are planning to join up, wearing and getting used to gear like this will give you an advantage when you are in the core. Most people that have never worn items like this will not have a clue how to use them correctly when the time comes. So, if your child is going to the service, it would be a nice idea to give them all the advantage they can get before they are shipped off.

Trendy and Funky Accessories

Women aren’t the only ones who love stylish, trendy accessories. Men also enjoy finding unique, trendy and funky accessories to complement their overall look. Popular men’s accessories include glasses, wallets, jewelry pieces, phone cases, hats and money clips. With so many great looking pieces, it can be hard choosing from the wide variety. However, here are two pieces that will never go out of style.

CityLocs.com offers a huge assortment of sunglasses and shades. They have custom wood sunglasses that are made with real wood veneers that are attached to the temples. The wood is engraved with various designs. These locs glasses are top sellers because they can be customized according to customer’s specific likes and dislikes. However, if you’re not interested in the unique wood versions, the City Locs shades offer lots of sunglass looks. With the basic, standard, black sunglass frame and lens, customers can order from a variety of designs including a bandanna print, skull print, or motorcycle gang design. This design can also be customized with various words, phrases or pictures. The possibilities are endless with all the looks that can be created.

Wood and beaded jewelry has always been a popular choice in accessories. There are many different companies that sell wood necklaces but CityLocs.com offers truly incredible wood pendants. These pendants feature many different designs including an Aztec skull, Sugar Skull, Jesus Christ, a detailed boom box, a pit bull and even a set of praying hands. Each pendant includes a 32 inch hand beaded wood necklace. These necklaces are becoming really popular among men because they are easy ways to represent a person’s beliefs or likes, without being too flashy. The subtle look of the wood beaded necklace and handmade look of the pendants is really beautiful.

Although it is customary for women to own multiple pairs of sunglasses and hundreds of jewelry pieces, more and more men are incorporating accessories into their wardrobe. By wearing these trendy and funky pieces, men can become strong parts of the fashion world by adding style and design to their regular look of jeans and a tshirt.

Packing in Transit

Packing your things for travel requires a bit of handy work and knack at creativity to make sure you don’t end up in disarray en route to your dream destination, or worse discovering when you arrived that you have not packed some of the essentials you needed while traveling. To be a pack-savvy junkie, you might want to consider the following tips:

· Pack light and bring only what is necessary, so you might want to skip that paperback, you won’t need it anyway when traveling to a new place

· Pack your stuff in order so you’d know where to find things when needed. Wrap a set of clothings, a pair of shorts, a shirt or a blouse together with your underthings, in individual baggies, for easy retrieval. You can easily place your soiled stuff in those baggies after use, too.

· Be organized, so make sure you make a list of all the things you need to pack and bring so you won’t end up forgetting something.

· Make you’re your valuables are in a safe container. You can also bring some cable ties so the cables for your cameras and phones are orderly even in transit.

Keep these tips in mind and packing for a trip will be easy-breezy!