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Typhoon Basyang aftermath

On our part, it’s not as destructive as the title implies, but we lost our gate to strong wind brought by typhoon Basyang. Now, this is how our front yard looks like. These plants will serve as our temporary fence while we are saving up for a replacement. I’m still thankful that Basyang spared our roof otherwise it would have been blown away too. I’m also thankful that it was only the exterior part of our home that was partly damaged and my family was spared from harm.

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Lola Basyang’s aftermath

Thank God, its over now. Typhoon Basyang has left the Philippine area of responsibility without much damage to lives and properties. Our gate and portion of the laundry were not spared by the strong wind brought by the typhoon. I woke up with our gate on the ground exposing our front door and the iron sheet in the laundry area swaying like a piece paper in the air. I feel bad because we have no enough savings to spend to fix the damage. We were just planning to save up for plywood and iron sheet every pay day so it would not be hard on the pocket. What hubby can do now is to temporarily fix what is left of the gate and the portion of the laundry area until there is enough money to fix everything that needs to be fixed. Typhoon Basyang made a landfall in Quezon Province last night, but the effect was felt in Metro Manila. There are so many things to thank God for: we woke up with a roof over our head.