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My outfit wishlist

Shopping for oneself is one of the least things a frugal mom can do for herself. If she had a chance to shop, it would not be for herself still, but for her loved ones especially her kids. I should know because I consider myself a frugal mom in some ways. There are instances when I’m supposed to buy an item for myself, but end up buying something for the kids instead.

I wish there is an online contest where participants are required to choose their outfit and state why they love to have those outfits in a blog post. This is something that I have been waiting for a long time – to wear a new outfit without making a hole in my pocket. But I still have to win the contest in order to enjoy the wardrobe in my wish list.

I wish there are similar contests wherein participants will have to choose wardrobe for the man of the house. I’m sure hubby will be delighted to participate the contest, too.