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Wedding season

Many women prefer the months of June and December as the best time of the year to settle down. Even the women in my family set their big day either in June or December (except me for I got married in August). Maybe the cold season has something to do with it and the merriment the Christmas season brings.

The fair weather is conducive for the wedding entourage to look their best. The bride and the women in the entourage don their finest gowns and long dresses. I have attended a few wedding ceremony and I really enjoyed looking at the parade of colorful gowns that match the lovely faces of the wearers.

It’s also interesting to see the style of the wedding rings the brides would wear. Have you had the same fascination for wedding rings, too? There are couples who wear a simple gold ring with their names on it. Some go for platinum wedding rings with diamond stones to complete the wedding ceremony and seal the marriage vows. It’s just mesmerizing to witness a wedding ceremony, isn’t it.

A Lifetime Commitment: Love Beyond Prison Walls

I’ve met an admirable couple from the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) in Muntinlupa City six years ago. No, they were not inmates. The husband used to serve time, but he is an active preacher of a religious community now. The wife, however, used to be a social worker who assists in the rehabilitation program of inmates inside NBP. Their love blossomed beyond the prison walls. They are old now but their eyes still show how much they care for each other.

How is this related to my post about wedding outfits? Well, one of couple’s daughters marries an inmate who is serving life term. The young couple met while the young woman’s family is doing religious services inside the NBP compound every Sunday. The young man is also a preacher.

They got married in a simple ceremony officiated by the bride’s Pastor Dad sans lavish wedding preparation. If the young couple had agreed, a well-to-do relative is willing to pay for the outfit of the wedding entourage, but the couple choose to wear a simple attire that they bought from their own savings. The couple is raising their two kids.