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Personal Safety Tips for Children

anti-kidnap tips

This is an important list of safety tips I stumbled from the Internet today while searching for bassoons. I hope this could help fellow parents protect their children at all times.

The following safety tips are part of a practical guide on safety and survival handbook entitled ‘Tips on Public Safety and Women’s Self-Defense and Protection Handbook’ as part of the PNP (Philippine National Police) public service program.


  • Keep your children within sight or hearing distance or place them in the care of responsible trustworthy adults.
  • Instruct your children never to admit strangers in your house.
  • Remind them to never talk to strangers.
  • Teach children as soon as they are able to learn when and how to alert police or neighbors.
  • Instruct children attending school to always travel in groups or pairs; use well-frequented streets; play in areas within the school grounds; refuse gifts from strangers; report such attempts or any molestation immediately to the nearest adult and to tell you about it as soon as possible; tell your children at all times where and whom they will be with when you or they are away from home; instruct your child to stay in the school campus until they are fetched by their school service vehicle or designated guardians.
  • Arrange with school authorities to contact you before releasing the child to the custody of anybody you have not previously authorized to pick up your child.
  • Warn your children, especially teenagers, not to accept rides from strangers.
  • Caution teenagers about ‘blind dates’ or meeting anyone they do not know or may have known only thru the internet.
  • Ensure that the children’s rooms are not easily accessible from outside the house.


  • Do not allow the children to open the door especially at night.
  • Do not allow younger members of the family to open your mail.
  • Do not encourage young children to answer the telephone as they may unintentionally give out information which may be detrimental to you.

PNP Public Information Office head, Chief Supt. Wilben M. Mayor said the above child safety tips should be in the mind of every parent the whole year-round.

Image credit: People’s Tonight, People’s Journal