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Shop To De-stress

There is really nothing women loved more than shopping and, although a lot can be said about going to the malls during weekends, like how it is crowded and noisy that it becomes another stressful activity instead of something to make you relax, I’d still go anyway and bash those myths clad in my most comfy pair of flats, with my eco-bag, in tow, and my aviator shades, to boot!


Shopping, and window shopping, too, has been one effective way for me to relieve stress and get ready for the grind of another week at work at the home front. Being surrounded by all the lovely outfits and dresses, even when I won’t end up buying a whole lot of them, is just pure bliss. Browsing through racks upon racks of displays, may that be of expensive jewelries, seem to have found an effective way to calm my nerves and relax my tired muscles.

Image credit: Stockimages – FreeDigitalPhotos.net