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Working at home ideas for chaotic moms

We all want to spend as much time as possible with our children, as a result of that fact working at home is becoming one of the most popular life choices for busy moms. Being a stay at home mom has plenty to recommend it, but sooner or later, reality kicks in and financial factors come into play. The need to earn a wage is a fact of life but there is no need to panic, because the perfect life/work balance is possible for those who choose the home working route.

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Working at home is often considered the ‘Holy Grail’ for moms who feel pulled in all directions. The pressure to be a good parent, but also to earn money can be strong, but there is no reason why, with the right research and preparation, extra income cannot be earned from home. It is essential to be mindful of tax and other regulatory obligations relevant to the business and to ensure that these factors are covered. For convenience and peace of mind many small businesses employ the services of an umbrella company to deal with tax and financial matters, leaving more time to spend on turning the venture into a roaring success.

The most common question when considering home working is, “what types of jobs are available?” There is actually plenty of choice out there, so let’s try and narrow it down a little. Here are four popular ways for work at home moms to successfully achieve their goals of generating income without leaving the house.

Looking after other people’s children

Have a few more children in the house. By setting up in business as a licensed daycare operator it is possible to stay at home with the children and a few others as well. There will be home business regulations to fulfill and various other criteria to meet, but as a home working opportunity this option suits many moms, especially those with previous experience in the sector.

Become an internet entrepreneur

The internet age has created a global marketplace and smart entrepreneurs are using it to generate income from home-based retail businesses. Sell anything, such as craftwork, cakes, children’s goods, anything; if it is a good product and it is marketed well, it will sell. The added efficiency of modern postal and courier services, which collect from home, means the empire can run smoothly without the boss leaving the front door.

Teach online

The online teaching sector is really growing at the moment and there are plenty of opportunities for those with the right qualifications. Distance learning is the method of choice for many, due to its convenience and effectiveness. Whether it is language teaching, online tutoring for college students or online teaching assistant posts, openings exist for teachers at all levels, from elementary through to university positions. Stitching this type of work into the daily routine works well for stay at home moms, as there is a degree of flexibility and the differences in overseas time zones can be used to advantage for extra convenience.

Office support services

Recruitment agencies exist that match home workers to office support roles, such as home call center operatives, data entry staff and virtual personal assistants. For flexibility and variety, many moms find this kind of work suits their chaotic schedules.