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The night of my birthday

It was unfortunate that it happened on the night where I’m supposed to be celebrating or at least relaxing on my birthday. I’m referring to the downpour and power outage on Friday night. Of all nights why it should happen on that day?

It rained so hard the power went out. And then my worst fear happened…rainwater overflows the gutter and end up flooding the low part of our house in a short span of time.

I called up hubby at the office to inform him about the incident. Worried that we might not be able to control the flooding, hubby called up his brother who lives in the next house to assist us. My ever helpful BIL immediately came to check on us. He went up and cleared the roof gutter removing the debris and decaying leaves.

The leak has stopped, but the rain continues. I’m thankful to my BIL and to hubby who requested BIL’s help.

My body is sore from draining rainwater and mopping wet floor. I almost cried from exhaustion. I never thought I’d end my birthday like this.

Nevertheless, I’m thankful that I was able to clean up the mess and still grateful that the kids in the midst of their playfulness were able to help drain the water using dustpan and pail and basin to hold the collected water.

Unexpected things do happen in our lives…incidents that make us feel happy or sad…but I’m sure everything happens for a reason…whatever it is I hope it’s always for the better…


I’m excited to share here what the Marce Club

Pehpot Kaye Niko Jade Seiko Gene Liz Mye Kikamz Chris Fedhz
gave me on my birthday. I received the Red Ribbon cake and baked lasagna at about 3:00 pm. A bouquet of long stemmed white roses was delivered 15 minutes later. They came from Flower DepotI feel so special!

 Thank you Marces for making my birthday special!