Tale of Fedhz Polvoron

I’m not just promoting Marce Fedhz’ homemade Polvoron here but highlighting the story that brought this good-tasting Polvoron to life, better yet read her heart-breaking story so you would know how important this candy is to what she is right now – a successful blogger and boss of her own online business.

Learn from the story of this inspirational lady, mom, and friend.

I got a bagful of Polvoron from Fedhz’ mom, repacked and send them as Christmas gifts for my daughter’s and son’s teachers.

I miss her Polvoron already. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Tale of Fedhz Polvoron

  1. joyfulmom

    I must say, ANG SARAP NGA TALAGA!!! my husband and 3 kids are polvoron addict, SOBRA! when I brought home Fedhz polvoron after the mommy bloggers party, ay, kunulang…to think my mother-in-law used mae the best polvoron…huby said naalala nya polvoron ng mama nya…

    1. Yami Post author

      @Joy, the best Polvoron I’ve tasted din, mas masarap pa sa isang commercial product ng isang sikat na bakeshop ano. 🙂


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