Things to do before the year ends

There are many things that happened to me when I created this niche in March. I gain a lot of virtual friends through blog hopping. I learn some technical stuff that was strange to me before. Lately, I started to receive my earnings from writing reviews. But in between these positive changes are neglected domestic tasks. I’m preoccupied with my online activities. Before the yearends I hope to accomplish all the chores that I have disregarded for the past months. I will have a general cleaning before Christmas Day and school vacation is over; put away stuff that we no longer need but can be of use to other people; follow a fix schedule for cleaning and washing of clothes; fix our little garden and save the plants that almost dried up because I failed to regularly water them. If not for an understanding husband like mine we could be arguing almost everyday. And instead of nagging me he even helps out around the house during his day off. If I have so much money today I will buy a property for sale in the Costa del Sol or treat him to his dream vacation place in Nepal. It’s a sweet reward for a loving and devoted husband.

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