‘This is it’

My daughter couldn’t contain her excitement to watch Michael Jackson’s ‘This is it’ movie on Wednesday. She started saving up for the tickets last month. It will be a mother-daughter date since my son is not interested to join us. Hubby will buy the tickets for us tomorrow. Prior to this my daughter made a sort of deal with me. She promised to do well on her second quarterly tests in exchange for my approval to allow her to see the movie. Any parent couldn’t turn down a request coming from an obedient daughter like mine besides she really made an effort to raise the money. She got a total of P288 more than enough to buy the tickets and some change for our fare going to the mall.

A big Michael Jackson fan that she is, she sure write all her thoughts down in her diary after the event.

5 thoughts on “‘This is it’

  1. Seiko

    She don’t deserve for a “NO” then.I like the way how you raise your kids Mommy.Look at the prize of what had you done,you can be so proud of them.Enjoy the concert then kid!And go go go!!!Hugs!

  2. Mom of Four

    I don’t think you can say NO to her anyways, besides, she saved her own money to watch the movie. It’s just right that she goes. Like Seiko said, she deserves a YES.(Iniba ko lang ng term, kasi baka magalit siya kaya pareho eh, hehehe)

    Have fun and I know I would read the story in a couple of days..

  3. Yami

    @Mommy Seiko thanks for the compliment. I’m looking forward to watching the movie parang mas excited pa yata ako sa anak ko. Yes, my daughter deserves this little treat, hardworking student naman kasi. 🙂

    @Liz, thanks. I will write everything down about what is going to happen on Saturday.

    @Shie sis thanks. 🙂


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