Three stitches!

I told you not to leave the house!

Had my son heed my warning yesterday he would have been spared from the accident that left a three-inch stitches on his forehead.

I was busy browsing the Net while hubby and daughter had their afternoon snack when my youngest asked permission to play outside.

He was grounded for a few days as he was recovering from fever and tonsillitis.

But he still went out despite my warning. Thirty minutes later my niece came rushing to tell us that Khalil tripped over a protruding piece of metal covering the water meter of our neighbor. There was blood all over his face and white shirt. He was crying and begging for our help.

I was panicking and confused on what to pick up or apply to the wound to stop it from bleeding. The sight of blood really made me sick. My husband, on the other hand, was all composed attending to our son being a Red Cross first-aider in high school. He cleansed the wound with soap and running water and apply an antiseptic solution.

We decided to finally bring him to the nearest hospital in the area to close the gaping wound.

My son initially underwent a skull x-ray examination to find out whether fragments of metal remain inside the wound or rule out suspicion of a broken bone near the site of wound. An SOP performed by the hospital’s emergency room before my son’s wound was finally stitched up.

An active and passive anti-tetanus shots were administered to him to prevent tetanus microbe from setting in. The vaccines gave my son a five-year immunity from tetanus infection.

What lesson does my son get from the incident? The young boy promised to be more careful when playing outside. To us parents, its better to be always on our toes whatever type of mess we are in and always hope that no similar incident will happen again. But, kids will always be kids.

17 thoughts on “Three stitches!

  1. Evie and Chris' Mommy

    Ouch! I am sorry to hear about that. It is so awful when things like that happen to kids, but as you said “Kids will be Kids”. I hope he is feeling well. Hopefully he will heed your advice next time… We won’t hold our breath! Kids are kids all you can do is hope for the best and be prepared for the worst! Good luck! I know I will need it as my kids get older!

  2. Genejosh

    glad to know he’s fine now…it scared me to read about it and i’m thinking about what will i do if it’s my son…

    thnks for dropping by…

  3. Dee

    Hi. I blog-hopped from Lemuel’s site. πŸ™‚

    Glad to know your son’s fine now. Sometimes situations like that cannot be avoided especially with boys who are quite active. I should know, I have a son who’s hyper-active. πŸ™‚

  4. Miriam

    Thanks Dee. He’s fine now, but restless. He just can’t wait to play outside with friends. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for dropping by. πŸ™‚

  5. lemuel

    i am little scared now.. i have a 2 year old son and is beginning to be hyper. we limit his sugar intake to lessen his hyperactivity but i don’t think it is working. well, i think every parent goes through what you experienced. i just pray that my son would be safe from horrible accidents.

  6. Miriam

    why don’t you try consulting a developmental pediatrician to alleviate any worries that you may have right now. i remember our pedia even gave us a referral letter to one child specialist bec. my son was sort of hyperactive when he was younger. it (consultation) did not materialize though. His hyperactivity gradually lessens as he gets older.

    thanks for the visit. all the best for your family!


    I often visit this blog and i alway return after reading a nice post by Yami.

    Today’s post made me very sad because of this sad incident. But this post also tells me how much painful it is for a mother to see the blood flowing from her kids body. Although she tries her best to avoid such an accidents but as Yami has rightly said that “kids will always be kids” and also this is what our life is all about. Although we are sad at this moment but i hope soon we are going to be happy in the next moment.

    I wish for Khalil and for the rest of you a happy life.

  8. earthlingorgeous

    Oh my! Sounds like me when I was a little girl, I have 3 stitches too and I fell from the roof of a jeepney.

    He will learn of course but he will always be a child. As soon as the wounds healed he will be like his old self again haha!

    I can attest to that.

  9. Miriam

    You’re right I think he is back to his old form because just this morning he’s already asking our permission to go out. We’re all worried last night and for him it’s as if nothing happened. Haay…

    For Ibne, thanks for the empathy…

  10. Miriam

    Hi 30ats. Oh yes, if i could compile all these ‘i told u so’ moments, i would come up with a book and would be a hit to mothers like me. lol

  11. shykulasa

    hi yami, hope you’re son is ok now. it can be nerve wracking for parents but kids will be kids and for sure that incident thought him a lesson so he’d be more careful next time.


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