Tips to Protect Your Hair and Skin This Summer


Whenever summer comes, a lot of people are excited mainly because they know that they can have a lot of fun at the beach. Summer also means frequent sun exposure and this can be a problem when the skin and hair become exposed too much to the sun’s harmful UV rays.

You have to remember that whenever you are exposed to the sun’s rays, there is a big chance that you will age more. People will have wrinkles, freckles and sunspot. For the hair, the hair may become frizzy and dry. Some have even reported that their hair has thinned out because of being exposed too much.

Some Hair and Skin Tips

  • Wear Protective Gear – You need to make sure that you will wear protective gear like hats, sunglasses and even sunscreen so that your hair and skin will be protected.
  • Moisturize – Now is the time for you to moisturize your skin because you will be more prone to dryness. There are also some hair moisturizers available that can be perfect for protecting your hair.
  • Eat Food Products with Antioxidants – Now is the time for you to remove toxins from your body that may contribute to aging. Eating proper food products will also boost your hair and skin health.

You also need to remember that if in case you would like to be ready for summer, you may want to try out iGrow Laser to address your thinning hair. Besides having a trim and toned body ready for the summer, you also need to take care of your hair against the sun and free radicals. The new technology can be done at home and can also address other problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome and acne.

Have fun and be protected this whole summer season.

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