To buy or not to buy

School service fee share a considerable amount in our monthly expenses. We are currently paying P900.00 every month for the school service. It’s actually a friendly price compared to the current market price, according to my husband. But we are thinking of other means to save even a portion of the service fee.

Initially, hubby thought of using our motorcycle to bring the kids to school every morning and hire Mr. Albert, the school service driver/owner, to fetch the kids in the afternoon. The plan will save us P450.00 in our monthly budget. However, motorcycle may not be a good replacement for the real service vehicle. It’s not practical to use during the rainy months. In times like that, we only depend on Mr. Albert to keep our kids dry and safe. We’ve known the guy since our youngest was in preschool. Kyle is in 4th grade now.

Another option is to look for a second hand car and convert it to our personal school service. We can still use the car to go to market, ran errands and for family weekend getaway. We have not come up with a wise decision yet. Which do you think is more practical, continue hiring Mr. Albert or buy a second hand car?

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