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Currently my favorite beauty products

I’m not a make-up person, but these products are my favorite when I have some important things to attend to outside. Sometimes I even wear them while at home doing the regular chores. I happen to get this tip (wearing some make-up at home from a dear friend). While wearing make-up enhances your look, it also boosts your self self-esteem. By beautifying and making yourself presentable is also a big factor to improve your relationship with your husband. 🙂

BB cream. Hubby got them for me.

BB cream. Hubby got them for me.

I apply these lippies lightly because I'm not used to dark lipstick.

I apply these lippies lightly because I’m not used to dark shade of lipstick.

I don’t have a before and after photo sorry to disappoint you, it’s enough that I post the pictures of the products that makes me feel good at the moment.

Organic beauty products

There are many beauty products that are now introduced in the market but as women of today’s generation, they are now resorting into much more natural products as they realize the possible harmful effects of cdp130 chemicals. Some products offer naturally processed beauty products that are harvested from certain plants. As natural as it is, many are eager to try it on and see the results. The beauty product ranges from spot corrector and age spot cream that is widely searched today because of continuous blemishes and blots that women experience in their skin as they age. The site thoroughly explains where and how the components of the product works and what results you may expect from using it.

Beauty Secrets Revealed

Ever wonder how the legendary Cleopatra and the women of ancient times maintain their smooth and glowing skin? There’s no magic trick or help of science to refer to during those days. They rely on natural and organic beauty products such as milk and olive oil to care for their skin. Modern day women enjoy the best of both worlds. They resort to modern means to look pretty and still enjoy the natural products derived from milk and olive oil.

Check out these interesting facts about skin at and discover that olive oil and sand can protect the skin from sunburn and slow aging. That’s according to the Ancient Greeks.

Acne Light Treatment
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