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The Best Clothing Site for Public Safety Professionals

When it comes to designing work clothing, Blauer has dedicated nearly 80 years listening to the feedback from firemen and emergency responders who put their lives on the line everyday; selling a wide selection of durable, versatile, attractive gear from top quality fabrics to men and women of all sizes worldwide.

We understand that firemen often face hazardous situations in all types of weather, that will put extra wear and tear on their clothing over time. Fireman t-shirts designed by Blauer are breathable-allowing them to be worn underneath layers of protective gear without being bulky, restrictive or hot. Since firemen play a very important role in the public safety sector, their T shirts are not only designed with several technical details, but also look very professional. This not only reflects a positive image of their station and squad team, but also gains the respect of many within their communities.

We are just as consistent with our design of EMT uniform pants to ensure that paramedics and other first responders are protected while working on their shift. Using premium fabrics along with the latest technology, we are proud to introduce work pants that come with several essential additions-setting them apart from traditional uniform pants.

Because EMT and first responders frequently come into contact with biohazardous fluids, such as blood or toxic chemicals, our EMT pants are specifically treated with a fabric finish that prevents liquids from making contact with the rescue worker’s skin. The pants’ material is made from a cotton blend that is durable enough to resist rips or tears, and comes with optional removable knee patches for protection and comfort. The side pockets on the pants are made from a reflective fabric for EMT workers who respond to emergency calls at night; and now feature thigh let outs for those who need a little more extra room, as well as a hidden compartment found within the right pocket.

The pants are permanently creased and have a comfortable, stretchable waistband to keep shirts snugly in place. Our line of T shirts and pants manufactured for all emergency rescue workers are designed under stringent guidelines and specifications. Due to their durability and comfortable fit, many in the public safety sector only buy their work clothing at!

Military Gear is Not Just for the Military

In the past, a normal person might not know where to start looking, when they are thinking of purchasing military gear, which they will need in times of danger. This is due to the fact that not many stores carry items that are made for the men and woman serving to protect our country. While most stores only carry certain items, finding the right type of military gear to purchase is something that takes a very long time, and money to do. This is no longer the case, as the internet has made purchasing these kinds of equipment easy and fast for anyone.

You might wonder, why anyone would have the need to purchase military gear, but when you visit Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet to view military assault gear, which you can purchase. You will be surprised to find that these items will actually make your life easier. The term assault gear is misleading, as any item that safeguards and protects the wearer can be considered assault gear. The ability to fight is the key to survivable, and giving the person wearing these gears every advantage in fighting is the main goal of this assault equipment.

For more info on this subject, when you buy combat boots, take a look at the amount of work and research that has been done just to produce these boots. Everything from comfort, design, durability and even the color has been taken into consideration to give you a product that will stand up to any test. Everything that a soldier wears has been proven to work, and in normal everyday usage these equipment will be able to outperform the most expensive brands. You will not have to worry about this equipment breaking down, as they require little to no maintenance, but to keep them looking brand new, a simple wash is all that is needed to give them the care they deserve.

Instead of wasting money on expensive brands, which might only last as long as they are in fashion. Think about getting military gear that will last a lifetime, another advantage that you will have is that the style they come in never goes out of fashion, and can be worn by anyone in the family as well. Passing on a pair of boots down to your kids might be something, which is worth more in value than the cost of the boots.

A Sportsman’s Test Of Foul Weather

People, men and women, can often be found enduring a sportsman’s test of foul weather. I am sure most avid sportsmen will agree. Whether fishing, hunting, hiking, or canoeing you will find yourself in the most unpleasant of weather. Anyone can pass a sportsman’s test of foul weather. All you need is the correct foul weather clothing.

Three things I found are needed to create the correct jacket. First and foremost, it must be waterproof. The jacket must be able to keep you dry. This is especially true when tested in early spring or late fall.
Which brings us to the second necessity. The jacket needs to be able to keep you warm. The endurance of many sportsman can be tested in the cold and rainy seasons. Sometimes you time outdoors is spent in misery instead of pleasure.
The third item is to have the right look. Similar to your child arguing with you because that yellow raincoat looks so “uncool”. You want to be able to have a jacket that possesses a look you appreciate.
I found gill jackets to be one of the best. These jackets fit all three of these necessities. Their jackets are superior when it comes to keeping you dry. You will be able to wear these jackets in some of the worst weather and still remain dry. No longer forced to spend your time outdoors with a poncho that doesn’t keep you dry.
Gill provides quality jackets that keeps you warm. Their jackets helps to retain your body heat but are also breathable. I had some jackets that would keep you dry from the weather but you were soaked from perspiring. You will not be faced with that from these jackets.
You will find several styles available to. Whether a racy look, the yellow raincoat look or sporty look. You will also find their jackets available in an assortment of colors. With all three necessaties met. You can pass the sportsman’s test test of foul weather with jackets from Gill.