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Must Have Makeup Essentials for Busy Moms

Busy moms are usually portrayed on television as haggard women, who look like they can spend a few days of rest because they are so tired with the things that they do. However, things have changed tremendously over the past years. Moms now are still active but more aware of how they should look like. This is probably the reason why there are some makeup essentials that moms need to have in order to still look pretty and confident.

Lipstick or lip-gloss – A little pop of color on the lips won’t hurt.

Powder – For touching up the oily parts of the face.

Facial spray – To keep the skin looking refreshed and hydrated.

Eyelash curler – To immediately open up the eyes.

Blush – For that rosy glow.

Moms do not need to look wasted on television and even in real life. Moms should go out of their house with their fresh faces so that they feel more confident about themselves.

Photo by kinkate from Pexels

Pamper yourself

I guess my husband knew that I need to give myself a little pampering. He gave me a complimentary gift certificate from a skin and body clinic courtesy of his former officemate. Hubby thought of giving me the GCs on my birthday, but they’re only valid until the 31st of this month, so I need to use them by next week.

I had my last skin treatment eight years ago. I couldn’t imagine how advanced skin clinic facilities are nowadays. Do they use diamond blades for the treatment called diamond peel? I have no idea how much a simple skin treatment for acne costs now. I hope it doesn’t exceed the value of my GCs. I still need to call the clinic personnel and inquire about their services.