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Something sexy for me

A dear friend asked me if I want something sexy for Christmas. She’s actually planning to give me an Erotic Lingerie. I would have said no easily, but it’s a gift and we rarely see each other. She must be so excited to give me one since we’ve been teasing each other about wearing a sexy lingerie. I’m not sure if I could manage to wear it in front of my other half. Just don’t want to be laughed at.

Using Games and Halloween Costumes to Entertain Kids

Being a stay-at-home mom gives you the gift of spending a lot of precious time with your children. It’s such a great experience to be so involved in their lives and really watch them grow. Sometimes, though, you find yourselves at home with nothing to do. The good news is that kids are easily entertained, but the bad news is that it usually doesn’t last long. This can make entertaining them a challenge, but it also gives you a chance to become a creative mom.

In today’s digital world, it’s easy to think of board games as being out dated. But you would be surprised by how taken kids can be towards them. Consider that they involve friendly (well, usually) competition, physical interaction and lots of fun. Not to mention most take a while to complete, and if your kids are having fun they’ll want to play all over again.

One thing parents unfortunately tend to do on occasion is underestimate their children. This is especially true when it comes to helping around the house. While no kid will be entertained by vacuuming the living room, there are other chores that can be quite exciting for the whole family. The best example is cooking. Obviously, it is one chore that demands kids to get messy. But is also one that is rewarding since they get to eat the fruits of their labor.

At times you just run the gamut of all the things to do at home with your kids, and so have to resort to some creative and rather wacky solutions. For example, if your kids are relatively young, try dressing up in Halloween costumes and pretending that all of you are out trick-or-treating in a scary neighborhood. A classic solution is building a fort using blankets and chairs. Successfully entertaining your kids at home is another way to be one super mom.

Three phases of Snow White

Young girls usually identify with a certain Disney Princess in their lives. My daughter Naomi is fascinated by Snow White, thus this costume. She wore the same Snow White outfit in all three photographs.

This photo was taken in 2004 inside our bedroom. She’s 7 years old here.

She’s wearing a crown here because her red headband is missing.
This was taken in 2006.

Isn’t she big for her costume now? She hesitated to wear this dress at first, but I was able to convince her for the purpose of joining the Mommy Moments contest sponsored by a fellow blogger mom.