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Would it be plastic or fine linen?

Someone’s dining table badly needs a makeover. That would be ours. Don’t laugh but our table is presently clad with a tarpaulin table cover. The cheapest in town! Hubby got some clean scrap (unused) tarpaulin and reused it into a table cover. We tried plastic cover once or twice and they tore easily. We also tried tablecloth (not the finest oval tablecloths premier table linens though) but someone spilled a thick sauce on it leaving an unsightly and permanent stain. So we decided to have another plastic cover before our present tarp cover.

I might also consider a cheaper table cloth from the thrift shop or if I can’t find something decent I might commission a seamstress neighbor to make me a table cloth from the materials she purchased in Divisoria. She would definitely give me a big discount for the project since the cloth material is bought wholesale.

Eating outdoors

Sometimes it is just so much more enjoyable dining al fresco rather than being in a cramped and closed restaurant space. The ambiance, not to mention the fresh air that blows around, seems to help whet your appetite. Nothing can be more pleasurable that eating dinner with your loved ones out on a starry night, enjoying a second helping of your favorite appetizer or sharing relaxed conversation over a steaming bowl of your favorite Chinese noodles. It will also be a most opportune time to catch up with your teenage children about school or about your latest finds at Lemax villages as you enjoy a feast of your favorite Italian cuisine perhaps. The giggles of little tots taking turns on that swing set on a playground a block away lends a gaily air to the already gaily atmosphere.

Dinner is Served

I am sure everyone will agree when I say that eating is one of our most favorite activities. We spend hours gathered at the dinner table during meals enjoying home made dishes and other goodies spewed from the kitchen courtesy of mom. It is the most opportune time to get updates from the other members of the family on how their day went out. It is also a perfect way to distress and relax after a grueling stint at work. Eating also gives us a kick plate full of our favorite dishes and there is nothing else you can ask for in the world, right? Well except for another round of your favorite vanilla ice cream for dessert, perhaps!